lørdag den 6. august 2011

Compatibility with Your Match

Relationships are very important for us; half of our efforts go into sustaining the connection in the first place. So if we are unable to make the most of our relationships then what is the point?

A person, who satisfies your list of comparable qualities and harmonizes your nature in all ways and manner possible, be it mentally, physically or spiritually is called a compatible match. Their views and interests, ambitions and personalities match those of yours, forming an excellent partnership between both of you.

There are many things in a relationship which determine whether you and your partner are a compatible match. Even if you have a strong sense of attraction to an individual, it will never mean that they are compatible with you. The presence of compatibility in the relationship determines how you both together solve issues in your relation.

There are few fundamental things which would help you find out if your match is compatible or not. The ambitions, intimacy, energy, interests, hygiene and finally spiritual harmony which you both possess as individuals are the determining factors for establishing the compatibility.

When the compatibility is great between you two, you will just know it. You should understand that the harder you work to make a relationship satisfying; the overall compatibility is at worse. We think that compatibility is somewhat based on what we make of it, but actually compatibility is something that two people naturally have between themselves. It is not something to achieve.
It cannot be manipulated, it is just present. 

We can always work to improve our relationships but we cannot make our match compatible. It is or it is not. No amount of work can alter the equations. So, concentrate on understanding yourself. It will ease a lot of stress by clearing most of the illusions and expectations we have about ourselves, of others and from our relationships.

fredag den 5. august 2011

Science of Dating

Dating is not just about being friendly with another person of the opposite or the same sex. It is not just about socialising with people, watching movies or having dinners together. It has a science behind it and understanding of the psychology of dating is essential to find an apt and suitable match through dating. Understanding the psychology of dating helps in time saving and money saving as you would not have to waste resources on blind dates or unsuccessful relationships. Serious dating can result in finding ideal match for you.

Dating through internet has been gaining great importance; therefore it becomes necessary to understand the psychology of the person on the other side of the chat window. It is important to understand that you cannot force anyone into chatting. Therefore if you do not get ample hints from the other side, then understand that he/she is not interested any further. However, if you are really interested in some person and due to some reason chatting has stopped, it is not wrong to re-initiate chatting in such cases. You should only ask for first meeting after a comfortable rapport has been built been the two of you.

After the first meet is fixed, the psychology of other person can be understood through eye contact. Try to be very observant of your date in the first meet. Eyes speak a lot about the person. If the person seems happy and smiles then he/she is willing to carry the dating further. Also body language becomes very important when dating is done. More than 60% of dating in most cases is non-verbal. Therefore, right gestures and right bodily movements make known if the other person in interested or not. Nervousness is clearly visible in the body gestures. Make sure you try to make your dating match comfortable, if he/she seems nervous.

torsdag den 4. august 2011

Chatting Websites Act as Match Makers

Single looking for a dating match need not worry about lack of opportunities to start a relationship. They need not go to expensive bars and night clubs to find their dating match. Neither have they needed to seek help from friends to introduce them to other single people. Nowadays, online dating websites act as efficient match makers. A match maker need not essentially be a person, it can be a physical place, virtual place or an organization which plays an active role in introducing two people and ensuring that singles come together to build a relationship. Dating websites are acting as good match makers as they ensure that singles explore all opportunities to find an ideal dating match. Dating websites provide wide options to singles to choose their ideal dating partner. There are many profiles available online and singles have to choose the best option from numerous available matches.

However, lot of options available makes it difficult for singles to choose the right one. It is better to define the characteristics and attributes of the guy you want to date. The profiles available online usually contain all necessary information and photographs as well. In case you want to date attractive men/woman, photographs can be used as filtering criteria.

After the physical appearance criteria is fulfilled, look at the attributes mentioned in the profile. Their principals should match yours as it is essential that fundamentals match, else they will never agree at any point. If human nature is not matched than even physical beauty of the partner would not be enough to sustain the relationship. Such relationships can result in broken relationships and heart aches. If profiles provide insufficient analysis regarding a person’s nature then few chats can be initiated with the person to know him/her better. If it clicks, then dating and chatting can be carried forward, else other matches can be explored. Another important consideration is religion. If you are interested in serious relationships such as marriage then find such a match for yourself who belongs to the same religion. This will make life easier for you when you decide to marry and involve your families.

onsdag den 3. august 2011

Benefits of Video Chat in Online Dating

There are many ways to date online- you could chat, send emails or talk on the phone. And then there is video chatting. It combines the joy of talking face to face in real time with the convenience of staying home. This is an inexpensive way to chat and is getting more popular. Video conferencing initially started out as a business arrangement in situations where traveling was not a practical option. It then caught up with most people and is now very commonly used.

All you really need is a pair of headphones, a good quality webcam and a great broadband connection. Many chat rooms also offer free video chatting which makes it very economical. It also helps you and your date get the real picture of each other. Just like any date, a video chat date also takes some amount of preparation to let the other person know that you care about this date.

You should also consider buying a high end webcam, which are not as expensive as they sound. Most laptops and computers have a viewfinder where you can see what you are recording. This will help you set up an attractive picture for your date to see and be impressed by. Set up your computer or laptop in a well lit area and make sure your face does not have any unnecessary shadows.

Your date should get an attractive yet accurate picture of how you look after yourself and your home. Remember to dress as well as you can without appearing desperate. No date wants to see a man or a woman with disheveled hair with dark circles wearing old clothes or overdressed even for an opera. Your behavior is the second thing your date will notice. Don’t act silly and immature but choose to be funny and honest and impress your date with the magic of video chatting.

tirsdag den 2. august 2011

How to Get Back Into the Dating Scene

If you've been through an emotionally draining break up or a nasty divorce, it can be especially difficult to think about dating again. However, sometimes it is just better to hold your breath and take a plunge into the singles scene. You have to remember that there are a lot of single people out there who are worth taking a chance on.

So how do you prepare yourself to start looking for, and dating singles? First, take an honest look at yourself. Sometimes, break ups can leave you feeling weak and under confident. If there's anything that you don't like about yourself and feel that this quality holds you back, do something about it. Have you put on weight? Join a gym. Throw out all that junk food and plan a healthy menu for yourself. Invest time and money in making you feel better. Change your wardrobe; go buy those expensive accessories that you always wanted to. The minute you feel better about yourself, you'll actually attract more people. If you think you look good, you do. Stop spending time with negative people, especially those who think it's better to be single than be in a relationship. If you're looking for a change in your life, these people have got to go.  

Finally, ask the people around you, your friends and family, to introduce you to some single people. Keep an open mind, don't judge, and be willing to go on blind dates. You can also consider online dating, where you will be able to check out profiles, photos and decide who interests you, before contacting them. And above everything, remember to enjoy yourself. Date as many single people as possible. Don't always judge someone as a partner, but just go out there with the intention of enjoying your date. 

mandag den 1. august 2011

Date successfully using attitude

Do you sometimes see women who do not have classic good looks but are extremely successful on the dating scene?  The secret to their success is often their attitude – a positive, upbeat, confident one that focuses on the now. Here are some tips to catch the same attitude:

·         Smile – It’s the only way you can show your date that you are a happy person. A positive attitude attracts others like nothing else can, and triggers positive feelings of elation in them. Studies have shown that smiling actually improves your own mood and makes you look more alluring.

·         Ooze self assurance – Confidence in yourself acts to highlight all your strengths.  Developing self assurance is quite simple actually. Focus on the big picture and don’t let yourself be affected by small annoying details.  For instance, you may have been promoted but several colleagues and friends have not called to congratulate you – don’t let others’ approval or disapproval erode your confidence. Establishing a steady self image that is not dependent on others goes a long way in brushing off a negative attitude.

·         Take steps to establish control of your future – Think hard about what you really want.  Set goals and make decisions that will get you there. Take charge. That breeds an unbeatable, amazingly appealing attitude. The fact that you are already satisfied will give your prospective date the sense that he or she is not the only thing your happiness will hinge on and takes the pressure off both of you.

·         Concentrate on the present moment – its fine to have goals, but translating them into reality means focusing on the now. On a date that translates into enjoying the experience and not obsessing on personal relationship goals like marriage and kids, especially on date #1. That will give your potential partner the impression you are only looking for husband material, have a deadline for it, and are not truly interested in him as a person.  Instead focus on activities that bring meaning and passion into your life.