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Shy People and Dating

You may want to date but are often shying away from great dating chances. Your fear of speaking with new people may be larger than your interest in them. Here is how you can try and overcome your shyness in dating.

Commence with online dating. Meeting your date through emails and phones will minimise your difficulty. However, be sure to stop emailing and step up to seeing each other face to face; even video chats are a good option. Remember, in a date, you only have to meet one person and chances are that the date is also shy like you.

Make a written list of what you can ask your date. – What hobbies do you pursue? How do you like your job? Where did you study? What do you want to do in future?

Look up the news channels on TV. Read newspapers and magazines to keep abreast with current affairs. This will ensure you have a large range of topics to touch upon and converse about.

Choose to go to the movies, games or museum and even a guided historical site visit. This ensures that the date remains interesting while you do not have the burden of speaking all the time. Ask more questions so you listen more and feel comfortable.

Sign off with a nice coffee and ice-cream. Usually ice-creams and coffees are great conversation topics themselves. A shy person is often mistaken to be snooty. Be courteous to avoid being thought of that way. Draw out the chair for the lady, offer to pay when the gentleman pays and be eager to help. Go right ahead and confess that you are shy. This makes room for an informal date with expectations set clearly.

Work on your shyness and overcome it. Surround yourself with friends and well-wishers that know your good traits and talents. Enrol in a hobby class or even learn to play an instrument. In fact you and your date can even sign up for Salsa classes. That involves closeness and boldness together in a single go.

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